Procedure of NZ visa application.



Get an offer of place or confirmation of enrolment

You should enrol with an approved education provider and get:

An offer of place, if you’re a new student

A confirmation of enrolment, if you’re a returning student.



Apply for your visa

You can either apply online or use the paper form.

If you already have a student Visa and you’re in New Zealand, and your approved education provider is certified with Students Online, they can prepare the submit the Student visa Application for you.



Waiting for Case officer’s decision

Immigration will process your application as soon as they can.

Most online applications are processed within 20 days, and most paper applications within 23 days, but it can take longer in some situations.

Required documents.

Student visa.

You can apply for your student visa either online or lodge your application to any immigration branches. When you apply for the visa you must provide:

  • Completed, signed student visa application form INZ1012
  • Appropriate fee NZD 277
  • Two passport-size color photographs
  • Passport
  • X-ray report may require
  • Police Certificate may require
  • Offer issued by school
  • Receipt issued by school
  • Previous Academic Report&Attendance
  • Financial Support-NZD15,000 For a full year of study, or NZD 1250 per month that you will study in NZUP.
  • Insurance from the period of enrolment until your visa expires.

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